The photography industry is over-saturated.



There are two things that you don’t want to be in this industry: 

1. Sub-par, unnoticed, and unsuccessful.

2. Noticed and busy, but not actually a good photographer.

Develope is a 6-class course taught by Jennefer Wilson and Charla Storey, two leading experts in the world of photography and business.

This beta class offers 100% live interactive teaching with your coaches, either simulcast or on-site in Dallas, TX. Jen and Charla will teach you exactly what you need to know to set your photography business apart, both with your camera skills and your fundamental understanding of business. 

Jennefer Wilson


With over 10 years of photography experience, photography has shaped not only what Jennefer Wilson does, but who she is. Seeing moments for exactly what they are, meeting people in their need and shaping even the best moments to be worthy of being memorable ones, Jennefer is enamored with all that photography encompasses. It isn’t just the art that keeps her coming back for more, but the opportunity to love and make her clients feel seen exactly as they are. Encouraging people on their journey through the craft of photography can leave deep impact on someones spirit and that is not lost on her. Having the opportunity to help other photographers learn not only how to do what they love, but to stay hungry and thrive in the photography industry is a cherry on top of what has already been a dream come true.



only $799


Class 1
Lighting & Location

Class 2 
Posing & Composition

Class 3 
Editing Education

Class 4
Styling & Planning Shoots

Class 5

Client Experience

Class 6
Pricing Strategies

Live Trainings
No more having to wait to ask a question or wonder if you’re "doing it right".  It's LIVE & interactive

Private Mastermind Group

Students will be able to ask questions between classes and have a community that is walking through the process with them.

Course Worksheets
Each class session will have a worksheet to follow along & use as a guide.

Special Guests
During the classes, Jen and Charla will bring in guests, models, experts, and team members to share even more experience and help with visual examples as they teach.

What People Are Saying


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"Jenn has done more than create a tool for artists. She’s created a movement of kindness and generosity amongst creatives. Her warmth and openness draws people to her.  She shares REAL tips and tricks...things I’ve never heard another teacher disclose. Her way of simplifying the technical into everyday terms makes it digestible for both the seasoned professional AND the mom who just wants to take better pictures of her kids.  It doesn’t matter where you are at on your photography journey; Jenn not only makes you feel like you belong, but she’s committed to seeing you grow as an artist.  Thanks to Jenn, I have a renewed love for photography and my business has totally transformed.

- Kate Panza


Charla Storey


Charla Storey has been a photographer for more than a decade. Traveling the world and experiencing everything it has to give has made one thing very clear in her mind, and that is that people are valuable and the moments they live are worth being remembered. She has a profound love for helping people see their value, allowing them to feel beautiful and capable. Both in educating fellow photographers and in photographing her clients, this gift has transformed her as an artist. Charla believes she has a huge responsibility to do her job excellently because the moments she is entrusted with are legacies that live long past the minutes she is with her clients. This reason is also why she is an educator, because teaching others means empowering them to make a living that not only enriches their life, but leaves lasting legacies for those they have the honor of photographing.

With the material you will learn from this class and the photoshoot you land as a result, this class will pay for itself in one shoot!

only $799

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Dinner With The Coaches: Win a dinner the night before filming day with Jen and Charla, where they will be sharing tips and tricks to getting that perfect shot.

Live Audience Seating, On-Set: Get the chance to be up close and personal with Jen and Charla as an audience participant for the course.

Portfolio Review: Jen and Charla will be giving away 10 exclusive Portfolio Reviews. 

Assist At A Shoot: Win the chance to learn from Jen and Charla up close and personal as an assistant on-site with them.

Kindred Presets: Jennefer will be giving away the full suite of Kindred Presets to five lucky winners.

Learn how to...

Set Yourself Apart In The Industry

Avoid Making Novice Photography Mistakes

Build and Scale Your Business

Know Your Worth & Set Your Prices

Become Part Of An Inclusive, Warm, Growing Community Of Photographers